Couples Class

Exclusive - 10 Couples Only - 6 Slots Available!


Eat, Play, Learn & Practice

* NEW – We now have an additional 1/2 hour extra to eat and play games AND we will have a 30 minute social dance at the end of class!!

Come join us with an intimate group of 10 couples for some dancing and eating. We will kick the night off with a light Pot Luck and fun games for the first hour (6-7PM), followed by 90 minutes of instruction and guided practice (7-8:30PM) and then 30 minutes of social dancing (8:30-9:00PM). In this class we will be working together to effectively practice and attack some of the hard questions about communication.

Sunday – October 8th (6:00-9:00)
$20 – Per Person/ Per Class
$40 – Per Couple/Per Class

Pass Options:

#WCSTuesdays @ Ballroom66

Ballroom 66
10001 66th St N
Pinellas Park, FL 33782

First we will let loose, put on some music, eat, socialize and maybe play games. Then, we will start class by establishing some ground rules, and learn how to practice positively as a partnership as well as how to give better more detailed critiques to your partner to describe what you’re feeling or seeing. We will learn not only how to work with our partner but how to work with other partners who prefer different connections, techniques and expression.

Is it mandatory to be a “couple”? Absolutely not, you can take this class with someone you commonly practice with (or plan to after this class). We will not be rotating, unless the specific class class for working with different people and/or preferences.

Admission will need to be pre-payed by October 8th – via PayPal ( or using the buttons above.