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Unmasking our first event!

Tampa! Get ready for the ball of the year!! Welcome to the 1st Annual #MasqueradeGala, featuring the first yearly head-to-head Jack N’ Jill Tournament! We’ve got 13 hours of incredible West Coast Swing dancing for all types and levels of Wesites! Workshops, FREE beginner bootcamp, Jack N’ Jills, late night dessert bar, and dancing until 2AM!! Of course, the ballroom will be decorated to the nines and we will be hosting a fun contest for the best mask!


Full Workshop Pass
Pre-Register: $80 // Door: $100

Social Only
Pre-Register: $30 // Door: $30

Invite your entire crew!! This is a completely free bootcamp designed to get you movin’ and groovin’ West Coast Swing style! In just four hours you will learn rhythm & timing, basic patternwork, connection and even turns & variations! After this bootcamp you’ll be fully prepared to hit the floor and enjoy an epic night of dancing! This bootcamp is being held across the street at Bayou Dance Club with instructors John Penu and Ariel Penu!

Gala Schedule Bootcamp

This is an end-of-the-season competition for everyone who placed top 3 in the past year of #JackNJillNights at #WCSTuesday (results here at #results). We will not be accepting sign-ups for this competition. The dancers who have placed in the past season are listed down below, and are cordially invited to dance in this tournament. If needed, we will have a prelim to cut to the final 16 couples for the tournament. (If you think you have placed top 3 in the past season and your name is not on the list, please private message me).


Buz McCreary & Laura McCann


Bootcamp is at Bayou
Everything else is at Ballroom 66



Bootcamp is at Bayou
Everything else is at Ballroom 66

Bayou Dance
6541 102nd Ave N
Pinellas Park, FL 33782

Ballroom 66
10001 66th St N
Pinellas Park, FL 33782

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Full Pass

Pre-Register: $80 // Door: $100

Social Only

Pre-Register: $30 // Door: $30

Amazing Staff!

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Beginner Bootcamp Sponsor

Buz & Deb McCreary

Buz & Deb McCreary

JnJ Prize Sponsor

Bruce Park & Annmarie Dennis

Bruce Park & Annmarie Dennis

JnJ Prize Sponsor

Roberta Pearlstien

Roberta Pearlstien

JnJ Prize Sponsor

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  1. What is the “season”, or time frame, of the #JackNJillNight winners that are invited to be in the Tournament?
    • This 1st Annual Tournament will include all top 3 placing couples from our very first #JackNJillNight back in November 2014, through April 2016.
  2. How do I know who placed when?
    • You can see all of the past results at
  3. What is the attire?
    • Attire is the usual you would see at a dance event. Casual – jeans are acceptable :) We do ask that you participate in the masquerade fun from 8-10PM, by wearing your masks.
  4. Where can I eat dinner?
    • Local Favorites
      • Senor Taco Mexican Restaurant
      • Da Sesto Italiano Ristorante e Vino
      • Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
      • Campanella’s Italian Fare & Pizza
      • Athenian’s Famous Gyros
      • Carmelita’s Mexican Restaurant
      • La Teresita Cuban Restaurant
      • Cajun Cafe on The Bayou
      • AppleBees
    • Fast Food
      • McDonals’s (Next Door)
      • Wendy’s
      • Tropical Smoothie
      • Sonic Drive-In
      • Burger King
      • Arby’s
      • Checkers
      • Popeyes
      • Taco Bell
      • DQ Grill
  5. When is the “mask party” and when will the mask contest winner be awarded?
    • Mask hours will be from 8PM – 10PM and the award for the best mask will be awarded directly after the Tournament finals.
  6. When is the dessert bar and what will be served?
    • The dessert bar will be open at 11:30PM. Some of the items will be (but are not limited to) cookies, cake bites and pops, fudge, candies, and a Smore’s bar. They will have a Masquerade theme and twist to them.
  7. I’m a Beginner who attended the Free Bootcamp, what do I pay for the social dance?
    • At the end of the 4 hour Boot Camp a stamped coupon will be handed out which will allow you entry from 8PM-2AM for only $15.
  8. What if I can’t attend the workshops or Free Bootcamp?
    • Social-Only passes (8PM -2AM) will be available for $30 beginning July 20th.
  9. Is there going to be an alternative restroom?
    • Yes. Ballroom 66 has only one bathroom, however this should not be an issue considering not everyone will need to use the restroom at the same time. However, if the restroom begins to form a line you are welcome to go through the back gate (we will have signs posted to guide you) to use the McDonalds restroom.
  10. This event offers only a bootcamp and intermediate & advanced level workshops. What should novice level dancers attend?
    • Novice dancers who are comfortable social dancing their basics are encourage to attend the intermediate workshops, while newcomers who are still getting comfortable with their basics should attend the bootcamp. We believe that workshops are a safe place to challenge yourself physically and push your mind to expand and understand new ideas. If you are an Intermediate level dancer who would like to dabble in advanced concepts, try them out. Our instructors have been asked to teach to the highest tier of the classes, so eat your Wheaties, bring your notepads, and prepare for some mind blowing and extremely fun workshops!
  11. I’m a comfortable Novice level dancer and I want to attend the advanced level workshops. Is that okay?
    • Of course! But be prepared to swim in the deep end! Most workshops start simple and get more difficult. If you feel the water is getting too deep, feel free to step out of rotation and dance alone, or even sit down to take notes and practice the techniques of the workshop. There will be plenty for all levels to gain from all workshops.
  12. Is the 7PM workshop open to those who purchase the Night / Social Dance Only Pass?
    • No. If you would like to attend any of the workshops you will need to invest in the full pass.
  13. What are the prizes for the Tournament?
    • Thanks to our wonderful sponsors Bruce Park & Annmarie Denis, Buz & Debi McCeary and Roberta Pearlstein!
      • 1st $150 Cash, each
      • 2nd $75 Cash, each
      • 3rd $50 Cash, each
  14. Is there a spectator pass available for someone who would like to come and observe the tournament?
    • Yes! We love spectators and supporters, come on out and help us cheer on our amazing dancers as they compete head-to-head! There is no fee for spectating, and you won’t get a wristband. Only people with wristbands can dance, participate in goodie bags, and the dessert bar.
  15. How early should I arrive to register?
    • If you did not pre-register, and plan to attend a workshop, please arrive 30 minutes before your first workshop. If you are only attending the social dance, please DO NOT arrive before 8PM, there will be a workshop happening and the doors will be locked in respect to those who paid for the class.
  16. Is there any type of discount for kids or youth that would like to attend? What age? how much?
    • Yes! The Tampa west coast swing community is all about encouraging and enabling the youth to dance! Youth 18 years and younger may purchase a full day pass for $50, or a night pass for $15, these passes should be purchased at the door.
  17. Will there be any other food/snacks provided besides the dessert bar?
    • The dessert bar is the only food/snacks provided during the social dance. However, we may have in house options available for the dinner hours.
  18. Is there a pass option for workshops only?
    • No. For this event, there is no Workshop-Only pass. Your best option is to invest in the early bird pass for $80 – That’s $16 a workshop if you do not attend, or account for, the evening activities.
  19. Is there a hotel block?
    • Yes! We have a block of 20 rooms reserved at The Holiday Inn Express just 3 miles away from Ballroom 66. The room rate is $85 per night, but you must book by Saturday, July 23.
      • Holiday Inn Express
        13625 Icot Blvd, Clearwater Fl 33760
  20. Parking?
    • Ballroom 66 shares parking with Astro Skate Center.
      • Front Lot
      • Back Lot
      • McDonald’s Side Lot

Map of the 3 lots, Driving path to each of them, and walking paths to Ballroom 66


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