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  • The World Swing Dance Council was organized in 1993, is a service organization designed to further communication and to provide informational services and record keeping for those in the Swing Dance Community. Among other things, this is where your points come from! They keep the points registry. Among other resources, such as rules for routines and categories of competitions, they also list WSDC pointed events by date.


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  • Find Roommates, Carpools, Dance Partners and Instructors All In One Place!


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  • Welcome to the official mobile application for West Coast Swing competitors! Download now and stay up-to-date on your WSDC points and the NASDE tour.
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Wandering Westie is a community of dancers who are passionate about traveling for West Coast Swing. The shirts are designed by westies and embody our adventurous Westie spirits through casual attire that can be comfortably worn at dance events or in everyday life.

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Bombsheller is all about harnessing your potential. Our leggings are the shell that contains the explosive force that is you, whether you be man, woman, or robot. It’s your mission to choose the Shells that best reflect (or disguise) the body they contain.

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Dance, Music, and Travel-inspired apparel and accessories for west coast swing dancers!

The Westie Closet

The Westie Closet is a national wcs clothing swap medium. It’s a non-profit, free service, provided by a Swing Bender in St. Pete, FL. Buy, sell, swap, and give away perfectly good wcs clothing to wcs dancers, from wcs dancers!

Be sure to READ the rules posted at the top of the ‘Discussion’ page. They are really simple and effective, but strict.

Swayd Shoes
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Sway’d shoes – the contemporary brand for dance shoes and apparel, and casual wear.

Honey Red Designs
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Honey Red Designs – Your clothing for life in motion!

The Local Scene

St. Petersburg, Florida
A la Carte menu of West Coast Swing
by Chris Sizelove, 06/01/16

Are you a Newbie? A beginner? Someone with experience, or even a lot of experience? Everyone is welcome in the St. Pete community, and has a ton of fun! You don’t have to have experience with this to have fun. Come to everything! OR, if you want more of an idea of what we have in the area in regards to west coast swing for various levels of experience, check out these links and a general guide on what you may want to attend, given your level of experience. You can meet instructors of all kinds that can help you in lots of different ways in private lessons too! The Three ballrooms where everything is at are below.


The Newbie Dancer
Start with the Tuesday 101 Progressive Course, the free Gala Beginner Boot Camp on July 30th, the Monday Beginner Class, and the Free Beginner Class on Fridays. There’s a slight learning curve to this dance, and these will definitely get you started from ground zero. BUT, feel free to come to as many classes and as many social dances as you can to pick the dance up faster and have a lot of fun!

The Beginner Dancer
There are various beginner classes Mon, Tue, Thurs, and Fri. Come to all the dances and group classes and social dances you can.

The Advanced-Beginner Dancer and Above
Come to EVERYTHING without hesitation!



Tommy and Renee’s Group Classes
Contact them to get on their newsletter. |

Hugo and Stacy’s WCS Tuesday’s Classes and Dance
Get on their webpage to learn more. Then, get on their professional FB page and Stacy’s FB Page to see their events, updates and posts.

Danielle Blouin-Oats’ Group Classes
Get on her facebook page, and check out her events.

Hugo and Stacy’s Group Classes
Get on their webpage to learn more. Then, get on their professional FB page and Stacy’s FB Page to see their events and posts.

TBWCSA Group Classes and Dance
Get on their website and facebook page.
Their calendar, which I have always found to be accurate.

Danielle Blouin-Oats’ Group Class and Dance
Get on her facebook page, and check out her events.

Renee and Agnes’s Shag Class
Contact them to get on their newsletter. |


Weekend-Long Dance Events

These have optional competitions. They may seem intimidating to someone new, but they’re not. They’re harmless and fun and you should ask people about them! You can go to this website,, and type “Florida” into the search bar to see a list of florida events. But by all means, a lot of us travel out of the state for events, because ….. well, everything is more awesome when you travel!

In chronological order,
Neon Party
 (watch Danielle’s FB Page for this event)
Sweetheart Swing
Swing Over Orlando

The Big Event (watch Danielle’s FB Page for this event)
Orange Blossom
Ft. Lauderdale Swing and Shag Bash
Florida Dance Magic
Masquerade Gala
Summer Swing Classic
Tampa Bay Classic
River City Swing
Westie Fest
 (coming soon)

Floorplay New Years