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Fun Classes, High Energy Social!

Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay are thrilled to bring you West Coast swing every Tuesday at 7PM at Ballroom 66! Enjoy two levels of classes, both beginning at 7PM!

#WCSTuesdays @ Ballroom66

Ballroom 66
10001 66th St N
Pinellas Park, FL 33782


On one side of the floor, join John Penu and Ariel Penu! Begin your journey to becoming a brilliant West Coast Swing social dancer through a 10-week progressive course, and you’ll learn everything you need! Including the Sugar Push, Starter Step, Tuck Turn, Left-Side & Underarm Passes and Whip. We want anyone new or existing, who struggles with the basics, to develop solid basics, focus, commitment, and improvement. We have arranged this course in a manner that will allow you to review and build off of what you learned the week before. With this progressive course you will want to sign up at the start of the program, otherwise there will be a premium drop in fee. This is structured for any newbie or newcomer dancer.

  • Schedule:
    • 7:00 – 8:00 Class
    • 8:00 – 11:00 Social Dance!
  • Cost:
    • 101 Progressive 10-wk Course (and social)
      • Drop-in: $15 each time
      • Prepaid: $100 for the 10 weeks*
        • Add it to your membership for savings!
*Your pass may cover 11 weeks for the same price if there is a BYOB night scheduled during the 10 week course. Bring Your Own Beginner night is when one person brings someone completely new to the dance and they both get in free. On these nights, we teach the simplest and most fundamental part of WCS in the 101 class; the starter step and throw-out. This will be a repeat class for anyone signed up in the course to begin with, so we just include it in with the 10 week course. So sometimes it’s $100 for 11 weeks! :)

February 13th, 10-week Syllabus:

  • Week 1 // Starter Step & Throwout
  • Week 2 // Left Side & Underarm Passes
  • Week 3 // Sugar Push
  • Week 4 // Sugar Tuck
  • Week 5 // REVIEW
  • Week 6 // Spinning Side Pass
  • Week 7 // Wrap-In/Wrap-Out
  • Week 8 // Right Side Pass & Whip
  • Week 9 // Basket
  • Week 10 // REVIEW


On the other side of the floor join Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay for the intermediate “Move of the Night”! This drop-in class is designed for both social and competitive dancers looking to expand their toolbox with a small dose of technique! The moves are structured around the basic founding patterns of west coast swing. The schedule of what we will teach mirrors the 101 class, where we will be doing variated patterns based on that nights basic. We will quickly test you on the core move (push, pass, whip, ect.) to make sure you can/should be in this class, or the beginner class. Then let the fun move-construction begin!


  • Schedule:
    • 7:00 – 8:00 Class
    • 8:00 – 11:00 Social dance!


  • Cost:
    • Int. Move of the Night (and social)
      •  Drop-in: $15 each time
      •  – Prepaid Members: $10
        • Add it to your account and save!
    • Social Only

Weekly Theme Nights!

Spotlight Night Banner

Welcome to #SpotlightNight + Pot Luck dinner, an uplifting night of dancing every 1st Tuesday! Or should we just go and call it #SpotLuck? ;) It’s all about ENERGY, POSITIVITY, and POT LUCK! This idea was originally brought to you by Tommy & Renee with their Showtime Sunday dances and now it’s back at #WCSTuesdays! Don’t miss your chance to wow the audience!  The show starts at 9PM – spectators welcome to watch!

Signup is free! Starts the month before! Contact us to get on the list! 10 Couples Max! Dance is 90 seconds max – Choose your own song or lets us choose for you! Pot luck dinner is free! Bring something to add! Side dishes and Desserts are preferred for the pot luck, but feel free to bring a main dish if you’d like!

Throwback Night Banner

#ThrowbackNight is the hottest place to get your jam on and lounge with your friends every 2nd Tuesday of the month! Head out to Ballroom 66 for a night of throwback jams ALL AGES will love – including 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and today’s top jams with fresh remixes that’ll keep you moving all night long. Come hungry and thirsty, we offer a FREE sandwich bar with chips! Since it’s #Throwback we will be offering your favorite PB&J sandwiches! There are also sodas and bottled water available for $1.


Every third Tuesday come with your cheering spirit and loud voices because it’s $1 Jack & Jill Night! Jack and Jill is an exciting, luck of the draw style of competition where couples are paired randomly and dance to random swing music. It’s a single division, All-American; Newcomer through Advanced can enter, and everyone is randomly rotated/paired. Registration is only $1 so dig in those couch cushions and show us what you’ve been learning!! Top three placements awarded. Prizes include class passes, dance shoe gift certificates, private lessons, even EVENT PASSES and more!

Jack & Jill:
$1 (Cash Only)


Every fourth Tuesday join Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay Dance Professionals + “The Guys of Tampa Bay” for Tampa’s only Guys Night – Where guys are free IF they attend the lesson before the dance! We have ladies choice hour at 9pm, where the ladies do the asking! So, guys come on out because it’s fun and free! Ladies come out for ladies choice on the dance floor, and have fun all night long!



Bring Your Own Beginner is a concept designed to give you the opportunity to introduce your friends to our wonderful dance community and show them one heck of a good time! Grab your dancing shoes and chaperon your best buddies down to #WCSTuesdays every 5th Tuesday and you’ll both get FREE entry!!

– FREE Entry for 2 (IF your beginner is a 1st timer)

All-American Jack & Jill Scoreboard!

Keep Calm JnJ On

August 2017

1st // Kai Berstein & Laura McCann
2nd // Wayne Campbell & Beth Farinha
3rd // Louis Raemerez & Carol Baldwin

Jul 2017 JnJ AA

More Results! Click Here!

July 2017

1st // Jeff Wingo & Annmarie Dennis
2nd // Bruce Park & Kim Grimshaw
3rd // Buz McCreary & Miranda Lam

Jul 2017 JnJ AA

June 2017

1st // Dwight Miller & Amber H.
2nd // Bobby Caudill & Brooklyn L.
3rd // Louis Raemerez & Carmen S-C.

Jun 2017 JnJ AA

May 2017

1st // Wayne Campbell & Brooklyn L.
2nd // Louis Raemerez & Michelle D.
3rd // Kai Bernstien & Carol Baldwin

May 2017 JnJ AA

April 2017

1st // Louis Raemerez & Annemarie Dennis
2nd // Dwight Miller & Margaret Little
3rd // Wayne Campbell & Amber H.

Apr 2017 JnJ AA

March 2017

1st // Louis Raemerez & Kim Grimshaw
2nd // Kai Bernstein & Amber H.
3rd // Billy Shaver & Laura McCann

Mar 2017 JnJ AA

February 2017

1st // Dan Yamamoto & Michelle D.
2nd // Kai Bernstein & Amber H.
3rd // Keith Penu & Melissa Muha

Feb 2017 JnJ AA

January 2017

1st // Steve Segraves & Laura McCann
2nd // Peter Weil & Tara Killkenny
3rd //  Kai Bernstein & Lauren Dow

Jan 2017 JnJ AA

December 2016

1st // Dan & Amber Heddleson
2nd // Keith Penu & Tara Killkenny
3rd // Louis R. & Becka Tasé

Dec 2016 JnJ AA

November 2016

1st // Rob Ingenthron & Joyce Keech
2nd // Dwight Miller & Lois Peterson
3rd // Kai B. & Laura McCann

Nov 2016 JnJ AA

October 2016

1st // Chris Sizelove & Deb McCreary
2nd // Louis R. & Tara Killekenny
3rd // Wayne C. & AnnMarie D.

Oct 2016 JnJ AA

September 2016

1st // Kai Bernstien & Tara Kilkenny
2nd // Wayne C. & Michelle D.
3rd // Bruce Park & Marilyn Hall

Sept 2016 JnJ AA

August 2016

1st // John Penu & Lois Peterson
2nd // Wayne Campbell & Annmarie
3rd // Bruce Parks & Amber H.

Aug 2016 JnJ AA

July 2016

1st // John Penu & Francoise Adan
2nd // Bruce Park & Laura McCann
3rd // Keith Penu & Carol Baldwin

Apr 2016 JnJ AA

June 2016

1st // John Penu & Deb McCreary
2nd // Keith Penu & Michelle Dodaro
3rd // Wayne Campbell & Ariel Penu

Apr 2016 JnJ AA

May 2016

1st // Keith Penu & Deb McCreary
2nd // Buz McCreary & AnnMarie D.
3rd // Grant Gipson & Ariel Penu

Apr 2016 JnJ AA


January 2016

1st Essie J. & Vickie Lowe
2nd Caleb B. & Roberta P.
3rd Caleb B. & Cory R.

Jan 2016 JnJ Newcomer

December 2015

1st David Toop & Carol Baldwin
2nd Ariel Penu & Sheri Segal
3rd Ariel Penu & Morgan

Dec 2015 JnJ Newcomer

November 2015

1st Ariel Penu & Carol Baldwin
2nd Leo Domingo & Pam Meade
3rd Amber Klispe & Michele D.

Nov 2015 JnJ Newcomer

October 2015

1st Amber Klispie & Pat Jimenez
2nd Gary Page & Michelle Dodaro
3rd Gary Page & Amanda LaVigne

Oct 2015 JnJ Newcomer

September 2015

1st Tony Ciotti & Carol Baldwin
2nd Tony Ciotti & Lindsay Cronk
3rd Amber H. & Shadow Thompson

Sept 2015 JnJ Newcomer

August 2015

1st Pamela Stergios & Amber Klispie
2nd Pamela Stergios & Melissa Reilly
3rd Gary Page & Carly Guerra

Aug 2015 JnJ Newcomer

JULY 2015

1st Andy Smith & Kiahley Bergstrom
2nd Gary Page & Amber Shadow
3rd Phil Clark & Carly Guerra

July 2015 JnJ Newcomer

JUNE 2015

1st Anne Keckler & Maylin Morera
2nd Andy Smith & Caitlin Bergstrom
3rd Michael Johnson & Kiahley B.

June 2015 JnJ Newcomer

MAY 2015

1st Andy Smith & John Penu
2nd Andy Smith &Amber Klispie
3rd Mark Penu & Luis Raemerez

May 2015 JnJ Newcomer

APRIL 2015

1st Andy Smith & Kiahley Bergstrom
2nd Lori Weber & Jennifer Luke
3rd Leo Domingo & Amber Klispie

Apr 2015 JnJ Newcomer

MARCH 2015

1st Amber Heddelson & John Penu
2nd Kimberly Grimshaw & Lisa Hunter
3rd Annmarie Denis & Patrick Tran

Mar 2015 JnJ Newcomer


1st Paul Gibson & Tanya Us
2nd Paul Gibson & Lindsey Cronk
3rd Christian Josey & Dan Yamamoto

Feb 2015 JnJ Newcomer


1st Tony Ciotti & Amber Klispie
2nd Hamid Alai & Jenn Cook
3rd Tony Ciotti & Christina Ferrarnte

Jan 2015 JnJ Newcomer


1st Christian Josey & Dana Ryann
2nd Leo D. & Desiree Jacobs
3rd Jessie Penu & Natalie Miguez

Dec 2014 JnJ Newcomer


1st Dan Yamamoto & Ruth Henchy
2nd John Penu & Jamie Graffman
3rd Christian Josey & Michele Dodaro


January 2016

1st John Penu & Ariel Penu
2nd Keith Penu & Jennifer Redding
3rd Chris Sizelove & Celia Ruess

Jan 2016 JnJ Open

December 2015

1st Chris Sizelove & Ariel Penu
2nd John Penu & Amber H.
3rd Keith Penu & Laura McCann

Dec 2015 JnJ Open

November 2015

1st Keith Penu & Ariel Penu
2nd Chris Sizelove & Pam Stergios
3rd John Penu & Laura McCann

Nov 2015 JnJ Open

October 2015

1st Keith Penu & Amber H.
2nd Chris Sizelove & Ariel Penu
3rd John Penu & Annmarie Dennis

Oct 2015 JnJ Open

September 2015

1st Keith Penu & Pamela Stergios
2nd Chris Sizelove & Marilyn Hall
3rd John Penu & Laura McCann

Sept 2015 JnJ Open

August 2015

1st Keith Penu & Ariel Penu
2nd James Hch & Jennifer Luke
3rd Chris Sizelove & Laura McCann

Aug 2015 JnJ Open

JULY 2015

1st Chris Sizelove & Kim Grimshaw
2nd John Penu & Amber Heddleson
3rd Patrick Tran & Deb McCreary

July 2015 JnJ Open

JUNE 2015

1st Chris Sizelove & Pamela Stergios
2nd JC Bryant & Kim Grimshaw
3rd Patrick Tran & Ariel Penu

June 2015 JnJ Open

MAY 2015

1st John Penu & Amber Heddleson
2nd Buz McCreary & Laura McCann
3rd Keith Penu & Annmarie Denis

May 2015 JnJ Open

APRIL 2015

1st Chris Sizelove & Pamela Stergios
2nd Dan Yamamoto & Amber H.
3rd John Penu & Kim Simmons

Apr 2015 JnJ Open

MARCH 2015

1st Chris Sizelove & Amber H.
2nd Bruce Park & Jennifer Luke
3rd Buz McCreary & Ariel Penu

Mar 2015 JnJ Open


1st Chris Sizelove & Pamela Stergios
2nd Dan Yamamoto & Amber H.
3rd John Penu & Kim Simmons

Feb 2015 JnJ Open


1st Peter Weil & Kim Grimshaw
2nd Buz McCeary & Pam Stergios
3rd John Penu & Ariel Penu

Jan 2015 JnJ Open


1st Patrick Foley & Amber H.
2nd Bruce Park & Gwyneth Catlin
3rd John Penu & Ariel Penu

Dec 2014 JnJ Open


1st Chris Sizelove & Kim Grimshaw
2nd Buz McCreary & Pamela Stergios
3rd Bruce Park & Jennifer Luke

All American

April 2016

1st Chris Sizelove & Pam S.
2nd Buz McCreary & AnnMarie D.
3rd Kai B. & Deb McCreary

Apr 2016 JnJ AA

March 2016

1st Dustin Wheeler & Ariel Penu
2nd John Penu & Amber H.
3rd Keith Penu & Jennifer Redding

Mar 2016 JnJ AA

February 2016

1st John Penu & Amber H.
2nd Dwight M. & Laura M.
3rd Chris Sizelove & AnnMarie D.

Feb 2016 JnJ AA

Upcoming Local Classes!