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Engaging Advanced Class & Practice Time!

Take your advanced dance skills to the next level! We overlay a 5 – 10 week module over our advanced level class. You’ll be learning technique, connection, presentation, combinations, musicality, and styling in our advanced level training! Each module is designed individually for ambitious dancers, that have attained WSDC Intermediate Points in competition (a requirement to be in the class) and will provide you with objectives to help you dance your very best!

  • Current Module: How To Carry // 7 weeks
    (how to help your partner out, bring your partner up, and create the best dance possible)

    • Week 1 // May 17th // Timing
    • Week 2 // May 24th // Making Moments Happen
    • Week 3 // May 31th // Connection
    • Week 4 // June 7th // Get Out Of Your Head
    • Week 5 // June 14th // Cooperative Styling
    • Week 6 // June 21th // Leads Shaping The Follow
    • Week 7 // June 28th // Follows Shaping The Partnership

8:30  –   9:30 Advanced Class
9:30  –   10:00 Practice Time/Dance

$40 per 4 weeks or $15 Drop-in each class

  • Must have, at a minimum, WSDC Intermediate Points, regardless of your experiance and ability.
  • Must have consistent attendance
  • We want to promote commitment to courses for improvement instead of spottily-attended group classes. Advanced Class Participants that sign up for the $40 four-week-pass, get WCS Tuesdays included for FREE!
    • Be aware, that this is a 70% discount (with the inclusion of our reward points) off of our pricing for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If for some reason we have to cancel a wednesday class, the pass does not roll over to another week, because it’s such a great deal, and such a cancellation would be a rarity.
    • Also, if you miss a class, the pass does not roll over a week.
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Ballroom 66
10001 66th St N
Pinellas Park, FL 33782

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